79-88 Toyota Rear Suspension Kit

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79-88 Toyota Rear Suspension Kit

79-88 Toyota Rear Suspension Kit

Everything you need to lift the rear of your truck with quality components! You get your choice of 4″, 5″, or 6″ lift long travel rear leaf springs. These springs are longer than stock to provide much greater travel and articulation. With an integrated lip for easy placement, mounting is a snap - simply weld the rear spring hangers onto the frame.

When installing the same lift onto a 4Runner, the rear springs will need to be 1″-2″ taller than the front to compensate for the added weight of the vehicle. 1984-1989 4Runners weigh an average of 700lbs more than the pickup because of the hardtop, glass, interior components, roll bar, heavier tailgate and power window assembly inside, and other components. If you always run your 4Runner empty in back, a 1″ taller rear spring will generally be enough to level it with the front. If you carry spare parts or extra passengers in back we recommend a 2″ taller spring than the front.

Sold in pairs.

NOTE: These springs are NOT designed for weight carrying capability. They are designed for ride quality and flex. If you intend to use the vehicle for carrying weight, we recommend adjusting the bump stops to prevent bottoming out and damaging the shocks or springs and adding airbags or other support devices.

Available Options


4004E-AP 79-88 Toyota Rear Suspension Kit with 4" Springs
4004E-AP-5 79-88 Toyota Rear Suspension Kit with 5" Springs
4004E-AP-6 79-88 Toyota Rear Suspension Kit with 6" Springs


Please note:

  • Using a lifting block or shackle flip with our springs will void the All-Pro warranty
  • Leaf springs are shipped without packaging. It is normal for springs to be scratched by freight carriers during the shipping and handling process and by customers during installation. We recommend that leaf springs be touched up with spray paint after they are installed to cover any bare metal exposed during shipping and installation.

⚠ WARNING - Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


(2) 4″, 5″, or 6″ rear 56-inch long travel springs with bushings
(2) 5100 Bilstein shocks
(1) set of (2) 1.5″ longer greaseable shackles
(1) Extended rear brake line
(1) Rear U-bolt flip kit
(2) Rear shock mounts with hardware
(2) Heavy-duty spring hangers with greaseable bolts
(2) 3-hole perches
(2) Rear shackle mounts


1985 Toyota 4Runner
1986 Toyota 4Runner
1987 Toyota 4Runner
1988 Toyota 4Runner


1979 Toyota Pickup
1980 Toyota Pickup
1981 Toyota Pickup
1982 Toyota Pickup
1983 Toyota Pickup
1984 Toyota Pickup
1985 Toyota Pickup
1986 Toyota Pickup
1987 Toyota Pickup
1988 Toyota Pickup

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