All-Pro 1st Gen Tacoma UCA Bushing & Sleeve Kit (1995-2004 Tacoma)

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All-Pro 1st Gen Tacoma UCA Bushing & Sleeve Kit (1995-2004 Tacoma)

This replacement polyurethane bushing set fits All-Pro Long Travel Upper Control Arms for 1995-2004 Tacoma and 1996-2002 4Runner.

Each set contains bushings, sleeves, and side washers to service a pair of upper control arms. A tube of polyurethane-safe bushing lubricant is included to ensure the best longevity and performance from your All-Pro UCAs.

Will not fit OEM Upper Control Arms.

⚠ WARNING - Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

  • Complete Polyurethane Bushing set for All-Pro Long Travel Upper Control Arms.
  • Includes new bushing sleeves and side washers.
  • Tube of polyurethane-safe bushing lubricant included.
  • For All-Pro Upper Control Arms only. Will not fit OEM Upper Control Arms.


1995 Toyota Tacoma
1996 Toyota Tacoma
1997 Toyota Tacoma
1998 Toyota Tacoma
1999 Toyota Tacoma
2000 Toyota Tacoma
2001 Toyota Tacoma
2002 Toyota Tacoma
2003 Toyota Tacoma
2004 Toyota Tacoma
TOYOTA 4RUNNER (1996–2002)

1996 Toyota 4Runner
1997 Toyota 4Runner
1998 Toyota 4Runner
1999 Toyota 4Runner
2000 Toyota 4Runner
2001 Toyota 4Runner
2002 Toyota 4Runner

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